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Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3 Is 40 Percent Off

Still riding the KonMari wave? Well if you want to purge an overflowing makeup collection, the key is to switch to products that pack a lot of function in one. Trade in your stacks of eyeshadow quads and stray singles for one mega-palette. Lorac’s various Pro Palettes are a favorite among makeup lovers—and right now, one of them is 40 percent off at Nordstrom’s Spring Sale. Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3, usually priced at $59 is now majorly discounted to…

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Dove’s #ShowUs Campaign Makes Stock Photography More Inclusive Than Ever

Photo by Girlgaze for Getty Images: Hind Bouqartacha Stock imagery is so bad and generic it’s become a punchline. At best, you end up with entertaining memes like “distracted boyfriend” and “woman laughing alone with salad.” At worst, you jeopardize people’s self-image—after all, 70 percent of women don’t feel represented in photos of advertising and media. Now, Dove is trying to change that with a new initiative that aims to make stock images more inclusive than ever. The project is…

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Shop Burgundy Nail Polish – Burgundy Red Nail Color

Burgundy is a tricky color to pin down. Is it a version of red? A type of purple? If we’re going by the color authorities, Pantone, it’s somewhere in between. It is also one of the most universally flattering shadese—there’s a reason that in 2016, Essie’s popular take on burgundy, Angora Cardi, was saved more than 400,000 times on Pinterest. If you’re seeking some inspiration for a new manicure, take a look at 13 interpretations of burgundy nails ahead. Whether…

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M.A.C Taps Winnie Harlow to Celebrate 25 Years of Viva Glam

In 1994, M.A.C Cosmetics embarked on a mission to use makeup to fight against HIV and AIDS by launching its first-ever Viva Glam lipstick campaign with the legendary RuPaul as its face. Now, 25 years later, the beauty giant’s continued efforts to raise money for those suffering from the disease haven’t wavered, donating every single cent of Viva Glam sales to the M.A.C AIDS Fund. What better way to celebrate Viva Glam’s 25th anniversary than with a recreation of M.A.C’s…

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Wow! Those Brows!

Did you know… In Ancient Egyptian Times both men and women would darken, arch and elongate their brows. The ritual served both spiritual and practical purposes. Heavy, dark kohl was used around the eyes in an almond shape to honor the sun god Horus who was believed to take the form of a falcon. The heavy arch and elongation of the brows further accentuated the eyes for an even more dramatic look. Secondarily, it was thought that the dark makeup…

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Best Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

Your face isn’t the only one deserving of a little special one-on-one time. Just as our faces are bombarded with dust, harsh winds, dirty hands, pollution, and more daily, we put our hair strands through a lot, too. Thankfully, hair masks exist. A mask is like a conditioner, but on steroids. It works for every hair woe you may be suffering from. Fried ends? Hair mask. Dry, lackluster hair? Hair mask. Lifeless curls? Hair. Mask. It takes patience to crack…

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Urban Decay Naked Flushed – Nooner

Palette complete with bronzer, blush, highlighter. Enhance and perfect with a trio of products versatile enough to take you from office to nigh life. Use individually or blend together for complexion perfection. Lightweight wear, cruelty-free.  BOXED  Net Wt 0.49 oz (14g) Price: $30.00 Source link

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Is Rihanna Launching a Skincare Line?

Rihanna wanted us to glow so she gave us Fenty Beauty. She wanted us to look our best while sleeping or lounging around, so she gave us Savage X. Now, Rihanna is making sure we’re all taking care of bodies and skin underneath it all with a “Fenty Skin” line. According to a trademark application submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s on March 29, 2019, Rihanna registered “Fenty Skin,” which will cover “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body…

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How to Use Lavender Oil

Gaile Juknyte / EyeEmGetty Images We’ve talked about coconut oil and rose oil but it’s time to start talking about the most versatile oil in the essentials family: Lavender. Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) was discovered 2,500 years ago and is traditionally used for therapeutic practices because of its benefits to the nervous system. “The ancient ingredient has been known to have calming properties that help with sleep, healing, and anxiety,” explains Hanna Naranjo a wellness aesthetician at Haven Spa. But…

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