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The Best Essential Oils for Baths 2020

I’m just going to get this out of the way: I’m obsessed with baths. My bath style is equal parts Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman—zoning out while listening to music on her headphones—and Tony Montana in Scarface—sans the yelling, screaming, and life of crime… with more of a swagger surrounded by bubbles. Currently, I’m ending every single day with a soak in my tiny New York City bathroom tub. The rationale behind my obsession is a 2018 study that found…

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Olivia Attwood uses this £17 kit to laminate her eyebrows at home

If there’s one celeb who doesn’t seem to be visibly affected yet by all the beauty salon closures, it’s Olivia Attwood. The Love Island star always looks like she’s sporting fresh lashes, hair and brows – and now we’ve found out her secret to keeping her eyebrows looking flawless. She does her own version of brow lamination using the Iconsign Lash Lifting Eyelash Perm Kit Glue, £17.99 here. Iconsign Lash Lifting Eyelash Perm Kit Glue Read More Related Articles Olivia…

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Watch Adam Rippon’s Nine-Step Quarantine Skincare Routine

We’re nearing two months of staying home but for most of us, the work hasn’t stopped. On today’s episode of Waking Up With, we virtually visit Olympic superstar Adam Rippon as he walks us through the nine products he uses to get ready for a WFH day full of calls. Tune in to see how he sets his intentions for the day (in a Louis Vuitton notebook), and the Glossier favorite he uses to keep his signature brows in perfect…

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This £6 serum hailed an acne saviour after amazing TikTok transformation

If there’s one thing we love more than a TikTok hack, it’s a TikTok product recommendation – and the latest one to go viral might just be the best yet. User Kaelyn White recently posted a video featuring The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, £6.30 here, and claimed it managed to transform her complexion from blemish-prone to clear and glowy. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution Read More Related Articles Kaelyn then followed up…

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20 Beauty Products ELLE Editors Can’t Stop Using In Quarantine

Grapefruit & Verbena Hand Cream NEST Fragrances $18.00 When it comes to skincare, folks tend to neglect a body part that does a lot of heavy lifting: the hands. My mom always had a hand cream handy and that habit, naturally, passed down to me. I have a hand cream in my bathrooms, at my vanity, in all of my bags, and at my bedside. Quarantine or not, I can’t shake the feeling of dry, tight skin, between-fingers ash,…

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This could be the very surprising reason behind disappointing fake tan results

With exotic beaches looking further away than ever before, fake tan has probably never had such an important role to play in your beauty regime. But what if you’re finding it hard to achieve the perfect, rich ‘Barbados in a beach’ glow? According to one celebrity tanning expert, there could be a very surprising answer. James Harknett, who’s pointed his spray gun at the likes of Laura Whitmore and Emma Willis, says the number one “rule” of tanning prep could…

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You Can Now Braid Your Own Hair At Home, Thanks to Naza Beauty

Natanya Montgomery has a confession to make: “I must’ve missed the invitation to secret Black-girl braiding class when I was younger because I never learned how to cornrow or braid hair.” It’s a sentiment Montgomery, founder of San Francisco-based hair salon Naza Beauty, and many Black women share. Braiding has always been an essential skill set that has defined Black culture and identity, and one that Black women are expected to master at some point in their lifetime, like jumping…

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Lush launch money-saving ‘letterbox’ hand care kits – so you’ll get them even if you’re out

The latest lockdown advice may be causing some confusion but one message in the fight against COVID-19 is still clear: wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. Which means we’re still getting through soap quicker than ever, with our hands in desperate need of some TLC. Fortunately Lush – whose celebrity fans include Kylie Jenner, Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch – have come to the rescue, launching three new Hand Care Kits, from £22 here , which fit directly through your…

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The Best Yoga Mats of 2020

Westend61Getty Images Like finding a pair of yoga pants with the right amount of stretch or a sports bra with enough support, yoga mats need to check off a few boxes as well. “When buying a yoga mat, budget, thickness, material, and texture are few factors you need to consider,” Alyssa Snow, founder of MindBodySoul Yoga says. If you’re a beginner, you should grab a softer mat over a firmer option. Soft mats, commonly made from PVC, give you a…

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Air drying could be damaging your hair – here’s what you should be doing instead

We all know that styling can be damaging for our hair, so it’s no wonder that “heat holiday” has become a hot quarantine topic. Many of us are taking the opportunity to swap blow dries and straightening irons for simple air drying, feeling confident of emerging from lockdown with healthier locks if nothing else. However, taking a heat holiday might not be quite the break our hair needs. According to experts, air drying is actually worse for hair health than…

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