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The Skittles Manicure Is Taking Over Instagram

Matteo ScarpelliniGetty Images Indecision rarely yields strong looks, but in the world of manicures, it’s gold. There’s a new polish trend I can’t escape every time I open Instagram, and it involves wearing a different shade on every nail. Let’s call it the Skittles Manicure. Like the candy, it’s a cheerful arrangement of rainbow colors. I’m a big fan because it’s insanely easy to DIY. If you panic when a manicurist asks you to pick a color at the salon,…

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Love Island’s Amber Gill says her new look is here to stay as it’s ‘the beginning of her hair journey’

Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill looked completely different as she swapped her famed curly locks for a completely new hairdo, that saw her flaunting long dark hair. Amber, 22, debuted her transformed locks when she turned up to her star-studded bash at Tape London for her new fashion line with Miss Pap on Wednesday night, and, as a result, she commanded the attention of the room. The reality star was unrecognisable on the night, flaunting her new hairstyle whilst…

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Kim K’s Nail Artist Has Genius DIY Manicure Trick

There’s a certain type of girl who puts Wite Out on her nails as a kid—and Britney Tokyo was definitely that girl. “I was always in trouble,” she giggles while organizing her kit, which includes tiny Chanel and Louis Vuitton nail decals, along with rainbow appliques, glitter powder, and gemstones for her signature super-extra manicures. “I just didn’t think nails should be alone, without some decoration. They’re right on your hands!” she exclaims. “Everyone sees them. Why not make them…

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Amber Gill hair transformation: here’s how to achieve the Love Island winner’s incredible new wavy hair look – EXCLUSIVE

Last night saw Love Island winner Amber Gill celebrating her new fashion line with Miss Pap in style, at her launch at Tape Nightclub in London. However, there was a twist to this fashion tale, as the star, 22, turned up to her star-studded bash rocking long dark hair instead of her natural curly locks. Amber, unrecognisable on the night, showcased her new glossy look on her Instagram account, tagging @dollhouselondon_ to thank them for new locks. Amber showcased her…

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I Did my Makeup Like a Duchess for a Week, and You Can Too

Timothy Smith The day is May 19, 2018. The world’s first biracial royal ascends the church steps to be greeted by her actual Prince Charming. He bites his lip and utters the words that lip-readers decipher around the world: “I’m so lucky.” So lucky, indeed. A woman became a capital-d Duchess that day. And on July 15th, I became one too. I’ve been obsessed with all things royal since rumors of the dreamy couple began, and Twitter users/amateur detectives were…

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These Will Be The Trendiest Hairstyles This Winter

If summer hair is defined by sun-streaked highlights, shine, and mermaid-y strands—the epitome of strength and health—then winter tresses can feel like the complete opposite: dull and drab. It’s hard to imagine anything else when the weather outside looks as dreary as you feel. But Dominick Serna, hairstylist at Chris McMillian Salon and Unite ambassador, says there are ways to remedy—if not outright prevent—the damaging effects of moisture-zapping weather. The easiest solution is to swap out your regular shampoo and…

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Best Shampoo for Dry, Damaged Hair

NurPhotoGetty Images There comes a time in a young woman’s life where she feels confident enough to skip the hair salon and experiment with hair dyes and hot styling tools in the comfort of her own home. Shortly after this time, when she stares at her hair’s fried strands, split ends, and lifeless curls, she usually realizes the journey to having dreamy hair isn’t always an easy one. How does hair get damaged, anyway? Well, a bad dye job isn’t…

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Zoë Kravitz Collaborates With YSL Beauty on Lipstick Collection

Zoe Kravitz is no professional makeup artist, but the the actress, model, and perennial cool girl knows her way around a makeup bag. Her expertise? Bold, vibrant lipsticks. When I walked into my interview with Kravitz on a sunny summer day in NYC at The Plaza Hotel, she took one look at me and said, “I think a bright color lipstick would look really pretty on your skin tone.” As a typically color-averse lipstick lover—nude lipsticks and glosses are my…

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Clear Jelly Nails Are Trending All Over Instagram

Summer 2019 is sadly coming to an end (RIP,) but will go down in beauty history as the summer of experimentation. Want to smear some glitter tears on your face à la Euphoria? Feel like drawing a geometric liner in bright neon? How about a manicure that looks like actual jelly on your fingers? Jelly nails, also known as glass nails, have taken over Instagram for its fun colors and optical illusion effect. The trend embraces the “anything goes” vibe…

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Best Shampoos for Dry Scalp

Igor UstynskyyGetty Images I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a dry scalp. It has been an insecurity of mine for years, and because of it I’ve tried countless shampoos to help slough away flakes. I’ve also gotten seriously invested in scalp care, which is exactly what it sounds like: skin care for your scalp. Yes, we’re talking toners and exfoliators. As David Adams, consultant trichologist (an expert in scalp and hair health) for Thicker…

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