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Travel-Size Hair Tools That Will Fit in Your Suitcase |

Want to fill up a suitcase in five seconds flat? Drop a blow-dryer, a curling iron, and a flatiron into your carry-on. We’d never tell you to leave your styling tools at home, but because they’re not exactly compact, they make it difficult to also fit in the rest of your beauty products, let alone your clothes. Since ditching them isn’t chill, the best bet is to invest in a travel-sized version so you can always have a good hair day on…

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How to Protect Your Hair From Sun, Chlorine, and Salt Water – Beauty

Sun. Chlorine. Salt water. The best parts of summer can leave our hair a complete mess come Labor Day. Our locks take a beating during the warmer months, leaving strands dry, color-faded, frizzy, and greasy. Even air conditioning can do a number on hair. So what gives? Is there any way to keep our hair healthy and still enjoy a dip in the pool? Luckily, there are plenty. We tapped New York City-based hairstylist Nathan Rosenkranz to understand what happens…

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Women of Color To Redefine American Beauty Standard : BEAUTY : Beauty World News

Get the Most Popular Beauty World News Stories in a Weekly Newsletter American beauty standard is often viewed as the world’s beauty standard. No matter where one is, when it comes to body image and physical measurements, Western media, especially Hollywood plays a big role in shaping the word beauty. International Women’s Day becomes a good time for women, especially women of color, to speak up about it. An essay published by Racked shows how immigrant women had to adjust the…

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Ikea Collaborates with Byredo – Ikea Byredo Home Fragrance

Byredo, Ikea/Art by Mia Feitel Following news that Off-White’s Virgil Abloh is redesigning Ikea’s 99 cents blue tote, the home retailer has just announced another elevated collaboration. This time, they’re working with Byredo on home fragrances. Fancy! The collaboration will launch in 2019. There aren’t many other details, but apparently Ikea’s beloved cinnamon rolls might just inspire a scent, so it’s bound to be good. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below “I feel people just don’t reflect enough when it comes…

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