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Frida Mom Launches Post-Birth Products for New Mothers

“I volunteered my own f*cking vagina!” Chelsea Hirschhorn , CEO of Fridababy and mother of three kids under six, proclaims this in the video campaign for her new brand, Frida Mom. The line exclusively offers post-partum recovery products for new mothers—products Hirschhorn developed over two years and tested herself during her third pregnancy. The line-up includes everything you could possibly need for the often-overlooked “fourth trimester” (the immediate weeks following birth): disposable underwear, perineal cooling pad liners, perineal healing foam,…

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How Sustainable Are Refillable Beauty Products?

I own a natural deodorant from Myro that doesn’t work—but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It made me smell worse. Still, I stuck it out for four long, stinky months before giving up on it for good. But this isn’t about that journey. It’s about wanting this particular one to work so badly because of its packaging: a refillable roll-up container that sold me on the idea that I could eliminate all future deodorant-related plastic by only purchasing refills.…

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Megan Mckenna lip fillers: The X Factor: Celebrity star has lip fillers removed – here’s how the procedure works

Megan McKenna has recently got her lip fillers removed and she’s looking as stunning as ever. The former TOWIE star, 27, shot to fame as a party girl and go-getter on the reality show, but has since curbed her love of a night out, swapping it with a drive towards her blossoming country music career. The stunning Essex-born star has famously voluptuous lips, as a result of lip fillers, but recently she followed in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner and…

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What Does Ariana Grande’s Natural Hair Look Like?

It’s impossible to think of Ariana Grande without thinking of her extra long ponytail. Remember when Givenchy was trying to do a “surprise” reveal of its new celebrity face with this unmistakable silhouette (and we all immediately knew who it was?) Or when her ponytail took on a life of its own in a music video? YouTube That rapunzel-like length is all extensions, of course, so it’s always surprising that Ariana’s natural hair is actually short and curly. She took…

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Normani ‘Motivation’ Makeup Tutorial – Normani Makeup Routine

Legend has it that if you watch Normani’s new video “Motivation” three times in a row, you’re acne will be cured, you’ll receive 500 years of good luck and knees as strong as Megan Thee Stallion’s. Just 30 seconds into the buoyant “Motivation” video, Normani does Beyoncé’s iconic “Crazy In Love” opener to reveal a gorgeous royal blue eye lewk. While the scene itself paid tribute to the early 2000s Beyoncé video, Normani subtly paid tribute to another 2000s icon:…

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How to French Braid Your Own Hair

Melodie JengGetty Images Timeless, sophisticated, chic…nope I’m not talking about an LBD, I’m referring to the one, the only the French braid. And while it’s a stretch to say it made a comeback since it one hundred percent never left, the braided style is popping up everywhere from your best friend’s wedding to the red carpet. “French braids are one of the classics,” explains natural hairstylist and braider, Kamilah (@MsHairandHumor). “Some people commonly refer to it as the ‘inverted braid’…

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Millie Bobby Brown Is Launching Her Own Beauty Brand

Honest Beauty. Goop Beauty. Kylie Skin. Kora Organics. It seems like the list of celebrity-founded beauty brands grows longer and longer each week, and Millie Bobby Brown is joining the squad with her own Gen Z-focused beauty brand Florence by Mills. The name comes from Brown’s great-grandmother. The actress says she “felt like a brand about individuality and bravery and being truthful should be named after somebody who was all of those things.” After sitting in makeup chairs for years,…

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Meghan Markle Used Pinterest to Plan Her Wedding Makeup

Meghan Markle’s wedding day makeup will go down as one of the most iconic beauty moments of our generation. Okay, that’s really dramatic. But, you and the 1.9 billion who watched the televised ceremony can’t deny she looked incredible that day (so much that her minimalist approach to bridal makeup even inspired me to undergo a makeunder). That no-makeup makeup glow is all thanks to celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin, who recently revealed that planning the Duchess’ beauty look was…

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