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13 Lip Primers To Keep Your Lipstick In Place

Photo by Girlgaze for Getty Images: Narisa Ladak A good lip primer is the key to a keeping your funky—or just totally casual—color in place all-day with infrequent touch-ups or feathering. We’ve compiled a list of the 13 best lip primers so you can eat, sip, chew, and chat knowing your lipstick will still be there at the end of the day. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 The Classic Prep + Prime Lip Primer Hydrate, refine, and prep your…

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What Is Hair Toner? – How Does Hair Toner Work, Shop Hair Toners

With so many different hair coloring products available on the market, it can be impossible to know what you actually need. People with dyed hair know dyeing involves either a double or single process (lightening or bleaching, if needed, followed by the actual pigment), but in between salon visits there are a variety of professional and at-home options to help maintain a healthy-looking color. Exhibit A: Hair toner. It does exactly what it sounds like—tones your color to control brassiness…

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How To Remove Skin Tags

Though it’s been decades, we still laugh when we remember the Friends episode about Chandler’s “third nipple,” the skin tag inconveniently located on his chest. While the rest of the gang (and one repulsed date) made him feel like he had an abnormality, the truth is that his “nubbin” was perfectly common—and harmless. Still, after an embarrassing sexual encounter, Chandler ultimately decided to have the excess skin growth removed. We encourage you to love the skin you’re in, but we…

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