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Emily MacDonagh opens up about sun exposure health scare

THE MUM of two has offered a word of warning to everyone enjoying the heatwave this week. Emily MacDonagh opened up about a recent health scare [Wenn] Emily MacDonagh recently jetted off on holiday to Cyprus. With husband Peter Andre and kids Mille and Theo, Emily soaked up the sun in their holiday home, with Pete’s parents flying out from Australia to meet them. But while having the holiday of a lifetime, the doctor admitted she had worries lingering in the back of her mind. Speaking…

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Is Cannabis The Secret To Flawless Skin? Check Out How Cannabis Can Cure Acne, Dry Skin & Other Skin Conditions : BEAUTY : Beauty World News

Get the Most Popular Beauty World News Stories in a Weekly Newsletter Cannabis has recently become popular as an ingredient in skincare products claiming to be the “curing elixir” for a number of common skin conditions including dry skin and acne. One of these brands is Carun, which recently released a new skincare range featuring cannabis sativa extract, also known as hemp seed oil, as its main ingredient. “Active cannabinoids, such as those found in the Carun product range, have…

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How to Make a Tan Last Longer

No, baking in the sun is not the smart way to glow this summer—but rather than forego bronzed skin altogether, why not spring for a high-quality spray tan? By shopping around for a highly recommended technician, you’ll evade the risk of oompa-loompadom—no one will be the wiser, and you’ll avoid tan lines. Better yet, you can request some subtle muscle contouring , so you pretty much get a fully-serviced bikini body in the span of 10 minutes. That being said,…

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Dry, Flat Hair: 5 Tips On How To Make Hair Healthier, Thicker, & Grow Faster : BEAUTY : Beauty World News

Get the Most Popular Beauty World News Stories in a Weekly Newsletter With summer finally here, your favorite warm weather activities wreak havoc on hair.   The salty ocean water, chlorine and the beaming sun bleaves our hair brittle and faded, with dry and itchy scalps to boot! Check out these 5 quick tips to bring your hair back to life: Protect & Reconstruct. The heat can be very drying to the scalp. Incorporating a soap and alkali-free shampoo into your…

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This Is What All 4 KKW x Kylie Soft Pink Lipsticks Look Like on 4 Different Skin Tones

3. Kiki: “This one is a little more pink, but I like the texture: It’s less gloppy and goes on more evenly than the first option. Still, the second shade and formula is my fave.” Ruben Chamorro 4. Kimmie: “This one is peachier, but I like it because I usually wear an apricot blush, so it brings my look together. I’d definitely wear this one on a regular basis.” Ruben Chamorro Tester #4: Maya “To be real, I haven’t found…

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Did Uma Thurman Get Plastic Surgery? Actress Debuts New Look At ‘The Slap’ Premiere [PICTURES] : BEAUTY : Beauty World News

Get the Most Popular Beauty World News Stories in a Weekly Newsletter When Uma Thurman appeared on the red carpet in New York City on Feb. 9 for the premiere of her new miniseries “The Slap,” many people found her to be unrecognizable. The 44-year-old actress had many people wondering if she had gone under the knife. Although the “Kill Bill” star’s appearance was not shockingly altered, there was no question that she looked a little bit different, reported Daily Mail. …

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How to Reset Your Gut Health

And for me personally, this is where I felt the biggest difference after my week on the Level II program. My diet was 95 percent veggies, and that fuel felt good. I was rocking Barry’s Bootcamp almost nightly and springing out of bed well before my alarm. (Both are something of a major feat for me.) A Better Immune System So getting sick sucks, obviously. Often, it’s totally unavoidable. But have you noticed that people who tend to eat better—the…

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