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Louise Redknapp shows off stunning hair makeover – as fans brand her new look ‘youth defying’

If you were a teenager in the 90s then you had the absolute joy of growing up with some iconic girl band members to take beauty inspiration from. Louise Redknapp from Eternal being a popular one. With a fresh-faced look and “girl next door” cute hairstyles, she graced many posters on teenage girls’ (and boys’) walls. And it seems she’s keen to take a trip back to her glory days with a brand new hairstyle that makes her look almost…

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Burn 600 calories doing nothing by using at-home method loved by Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton

Fancy burning hundreds of calories while doing nothing more taxing that lying on your bum at home? Well that’s the promise behind an A-list treatment that’s hot in more ways than one. It’s called infra-red sauna therapy, and celebs including Jennifer Aniston can be found enjoying its benefits which claim to include detoxing, boosting immunity and relieving stress. “It just allows for such beautiful glowing skin and detoxification,” says Jen. Jennifer uses infra-red to detox (Image: Getty) Read More Related…

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Holly Willoughby’s shiny hair secret shared by her stylist as she shows off tousled waves

Aside from her impeccable style, winning personality and impressive presenting skills, one thing that sticks out about Holly Willoughby is her iconic blonde bob. Over the years, we’ve watched Holly’s hair journey develop from long, layered locks into the stunning shoulder-length style she rocks today. But the question on all of our lips is – just how does she keep those tousled waves so shiny? Read More Related Articles Read More Related Articles After a bunch of fan requests, the…

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Facebook user shares clever cost-free hack for getting the last bit of foundation out of a bottle

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve reached the end of your favourite foundation, only to discover you can’t scrape out the remaining product, no matter how hard you try? Well one Facebook user revealed a quick and easy trick for making her make-up go further, using something most people have in their kitchen. Posting to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the beauty fan shared her amazement when she discovered she could rescue the remaining product from…

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Khloe Kardashian’s go-to hair extensions are just £20 and they create the most glamorous look

The Kardashians are famed for their creative hair styles, with latest looks including Kim’s fiery red locks to Kylie Jenner’s 90s chunky highlights throwback. And one style we’ve got a lot of time for is Khloe Kardashian’s simple yet stunning pony tail, which is very easy to achieve. The glam 36 year old has opted for a quick and simple way to upgrade her locks, and has used a clip in hair piece which comes with a very purse-friendly price…

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Jacqueline Jossa launches a fake tanning duo with ‘newborn baby’ scent – and claims the formulas are unreal

Jacqueline Jossa has caused quite a stir in the fashion world since being crowned Queen of the Jungle back in 2019. And with her latest In the Style collaboration only just launched, you’d think she’d struggle to find the time to venture into the beauty world. But the actress, 27, has just announced that she’s teaming up with BPerfect Cosmetics to launch her very own fake tan collection, which will feature a 1Hour Express Mousse and a HydroGlo Tanning Facial…

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Dr Pimple Popper has a genius hack for preventing mask-induced breakouts

With face masks now mandatory for most people across the UK, “maskne” has become the new beauty buzzword, and it essentially means breakouts brought on by frequent wearing of face coverings. While most of us can avoid this by ensuring we wear fresh masks every day and being mindful of the products we apply to our skin, for a lot of people, masks are causing an increase in pesky breakouts. Just ask Dr Pimple Popper, who has spoken out about…

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Revolution Beauty is launching a Friends make-up collaboration – and fans couldn’t be more excited

Ever fantasised about becoming Rachel Green? We certainly have. When it comes to 90s beauty, Friends, one of the most popular TV series of all time, had us all busting out our brushes to recreate Monica, Phoebe and Rachel’s most iconic make-up moments. Whether it was arched brows, frosted eyelids or the burgundy lip, Friends continues to influence the way we paint our faces today – especially since fashion and beauty trends have taken a 90s turn in recent years.…

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Celebrities rocking the mullet haircut and how to achieve it as the 80s look makes a big comeback

History often repeats itself when it comes to fashion and beauty, with recent reemerging styles being chunky highlights and choker necklaces. And now it seems one style that is undeniably associated with a particular era is making a big return – and we’re quite excited! Yes the mullet of all things is back in our lives, joining the likes of scrunchies and oversized blazers on the 80s comeback front. The mullet, a style best associated with the 80s, is making…

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The best mascaras to make you look like you’ve got salon lashes

When it comes to make-up products that we just can’t live without, a good mascara is top of the list. Whether you’re in need of a volume boost, a false lash effect or just a lengthier look, there’s a mascara for that. Sometimes, finding the perfect mascara that stays in place all day and doesn’t leave your lashes looking flakey and clumpy can be a real task. In a bid to find the best of the bunch, the OK! beauty…

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