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Sunday Tittle Tattle: My Non-Relaxing Relaxation List

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am physically and mentally incapable of achieving a state of relaxation. When I thought I was going to have four weeks off over Christmas (it was actually two weeks, strictly speaking, but four weeks away from “making content” for the internet) I made a big list of all of the things that I was going to do to relax. Then I realised that none of them were relaxing. As it turned out, I…

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Save The Date: Thursday 7th December

This blog post contains a paid for advertorial from Reserved.    You guys may remember me hosting an event with the new high street store Reserved back in September, well, I am back to host an event with them this Thursday night! I’ll be there to meet you guys between 5.30pm and 7.30pm for a fun night of late night shopping. I’ll be there to talk you through my selected Christmas party looks and also festive knits for cosy nights…

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The Weekend Beauty Reads from The Beauty Spotlight Team

Do you have a pair of Tweezerman tweezers or other implements laying around that are blunt and no longer function correctly? Jen from The Jedi Wife writes about her experience with sending her own tweezers to the company sharpening service facility for a firsthand and honest look at the process. If you are among the many people seeking to green-up your makeup routine, with eco-luxe lipsticks, then Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is thrilled to introduce you to AXIOLOGY Natural Lipsticks…

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Friday Favorites! – Maskcara

Just wanted to pop in with some of my favorite new things! Beauty and otherwise:)One thing that I didn’t include but would love for you to hear if you are interested is a podcast Nick and I did with The Archibald Project (which is an amazing orphan advocacy program) sharing some of our story in fostering. HERE Jenna’s Kitchen Just Add Water Cup Maskcara Beauty Stay Setting Spray Vitafusion Biotin Gummies Maskcara Beauty Olive Contour Maskcara Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes…

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Beauty Brain Freeze | A Model Recommends

I’m back on the beauty bus, just about. Although I tried to film a video today and got fourteen minutes in before I realised I wasn’t recording anything… Anyway, lots of new things to test and a massive backlog of reviews that I need to write up, but before I get cracking on that I want to talk about my Beauty Brain Freeze. Last year was a bit of a rocky one, if truth be known; I think that I…

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Salted Caramel Yule Log from Tanya’s Christmas

I just wanted to take this moment to wish you all a magical Christmas this year. Thank you for all your support in 2017, and I’m really excited to see what 2018 brings. I am feeling SO festive this year and just loving baking, feeling cosy whilst listening to Christmas songs on repeat. This morning I woke up and pretty much the first thing I did was make a batch of mince pies. So with that in mind I wanted…

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Winter Favorite: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review

I haven’t really mentioned it on the blog, but at the beginning of the year major changes were made to the way my schedule works at work. I now have to be in the hospital when I’m on call, rather than accepting phone calls at home and driving in if I’m needed (not going to lie, I wasn’t crazy about this at first but the change has saved me multiple 2 am drives in to work during bad weather). This…

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DIOR DOES PINK… Crystal Van Commenee

January 12, 2018 I’m not always a fan of pink but when Peter Phillips at Dior launches a whole collection dedicated to the color, well consider me a convert! My favorite items in the limited edition Glow Addict Spring 2018 collection include the 5 Couleurs eye palettes (two palettes, each with a mix of pink, burgandy and neutral shades), the Bold Brow in 005 Pink (surprisingly flattering) and the new shades of Lip Glow (currently wearing 001 for an ultra subtle flush of color).…

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17 Most-Used Beauty Products of 2017

I only managed to go and film a new video, didn’t I? After two false starts (one of them was realising I’d done the whole thing without actually pressing the record button) I managed to create a short(ish)list of my seventeen most-used beauty products from last year. As I say in the video, there’s an important distinction between “most-used” products and “favourite” products. These aren’t necessarily my absolute favourites, because favourites could include – say – an incredible, luxurious red lipstick,…

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Black Panther Lands in Theaters in a month and guess what?

It’s too hard to ignore the excitement that is Marvel’s Black Panther. I mean, you can kinda pretend that you don’t care. But chances are…many other people around you may be THRILLED about Black Panther. And I told y’all that I wasn’t a true comic book head, right? I could fake the funk and act like I knew who Black Panther was 5 years ago but I didn’t. Everything I know and have learned about comic books have come from…

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