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Interiors: New House Surprises and Taking My Time

It’s a funny old thing, buying a house. You don’t get to spend much time in it before you do the deal – you go twice, three times if you can wangle it, any more and people get irritated – and then you sit on the sofa in your old house for months on end whilst all of the legal stuff happens, repeatedly scrolling through the pictures on Rightmove and scrutinising the floorplan and trying to piece it all together in…

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January Podcast & Book Club : Discussion Two

This one was mentioned in the podcast as one of Oprah’s favorites! So I am curious if you guys are today what you always wanted to be or if you are something else. I am a mixture of both. I always pictured myself as a full time mom – I have always known I wanted to be a mom. I like this quote because all the time I feel so guilty when I leave the kids. Like because of that…

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A Week In My Life: December 2017

Don’t get too excited – I’m not back, not properly. I’m just poking my head around the door really, so that you don’t forget about me. And I also needed to post up my December Week In My Life before it became totally outdated and irrelevant. I mean, it’s pretty much outdated already, because who wants to look at Christmassy things once the festive season has drawn to an end? It’s like having a stonking hangover and being forced back to the…

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The Look I’m Living In Right Now

Photos by Amber Rose Turn on your JavaScript to view content Since the weather has been much cooler here in London and I can no longer live in my Topshop Mom jeans, a cropped tee and trainers or a little sundress, I have LIVED in variations of this look (cut off jeans, boots, jumper tucked in, longish coat). It’s so comfortable, practical (I can really stomp around in heeled ankle boots and have a few pairs in different colours and…

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Tutorial + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun The last thing we want is to look super made up at a festival. But it’s also the perfect occasion to rock something fun! So here are three easy and quick ways to get out of our comfort zones without looking glammed up: METALLIC ROSE: I used this matte metallic liquid lip stain ($$) in Happi because I couldn’t find an eyeliner in the shade I wanted. I used…

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Books to Read in 2018

I’ve been doing an annual book list for years now. It started a few years back when I realized that I had only read 1 or 2 books that year. I was so disappointed in myself. I mean, I could have blamed new mom life and the constant fog that was sleep deprivation but really? I couldn’t invest 10 minutes a day to dive into a book? For YEARS?  That’s unacceptable.  I’m a writer but before I was a writer,…

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Kate Somerville’s Detox Daily Cleanser Review, A Little Hollywood in Your Day

Kate Somerville is the skincare guru to the stars. Chances are she’s seen and many of the stars in the week before they hit the red carpet. Something about her products just works for my skin, in particular the Detox Daily Cleanser. To the point that I once purchased a lifetime supply, and I’m slowly using it all up (I’ve gotten through about 4 of those huge bottles since buying them). The Detox Daily Cleanser is definitely my go-to face…

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Winter Hair Necessities – The Chriselle Factor

All of this dry weather can really take a toll on my skin, but it also dries out my hair and my scalp, too! Though I still live by my hair-care holy grail (if you haven’t seen it, click here!) I rotate a few more moisture-intense products during the colder, drier months to keep my hair shiny and healthy! Keep scrolling to discover my winter hair necessities: Hair Mask Just like face masks, I can’t get enough of hair masks!…

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The Best Natural Skincare Secrets from Indie Lee

The eco-chic entrepreneur on launching her own beauty line, starting the squalane oil trend, and why it’s her mission to help you make healthier choices. When I first stumbled upon Indie Lee’s products a few years ago, I knew right away I HAD to own them. First of all, the packaging is so pretty in that luxurious yet minimalistic way. Second, the ingredients are right up my alley: all-natural, non-toxic, and without fillers or synthetics. (Plus, everything is cruelty-free.) Third,…

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Makeover Monday – Kathryn – Maskcara

Since yesterday was a holiday I think today can totally count as Monday, Right? Let me introduce you to this beautiful woman, Kathryn. I cannot get over her gorgeous bone structure and perfect nose! Sprayed Tomas Self Tanning Mist: I wanted to give her a more summery glow because… well, we all know I’m obsessed with a tan, but also I wanted to match up her chest which makes everything look more natural. It’s very common for the face and…

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