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The Pimple Hacks You Need to Know

Hey everyone, it’s Hannah! If you missed my last couple of posts, check them out here and here! I’m back on the blog today to talk about something that happens to everyone: pimples. As much as I take care of my skin (have you read my post about the 10 skincare mistakes you’re probably making yet?) I still get a pimple or two like clockwork right before my “time of the month.” Although I wish I could magically tell you…

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Weekend Beauty Reads from The Beauty Spotlight Team

There is a fabulous new makeup subscription box called Deck of Scarlet. Every two months you will receive a new makeup palette curated by a popular YouTuber. Prime Beauty got ahold of the January/February Edition! What if you never used fragrances but suddenly found a way to enhance your life with aromatherapy? See what Marcia from Beauty Info Zone discovered that has changed it all up for her. The New Year is a great time to revive your hair care…

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Winter Hair Pampering: Nexxus Bundle at Costco

I know that I’m not the only one whose hair is starting to act up lately. I’ve been working non-stop it seems over the holidays at my “real” job, which means very little time with my family and even less time for me and my hair! That’s when the arctic freeze came roaring into Michigan. The cold weather, lower humidity and more time inside has combined with being seriously overdue for a salon appointment, resulting in dry hair that is…

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Beauty Box From Mrs Gloss / British Beauty Blogger

A NIGHT IN WITH MRS GLOSS Just a quick heads up on this (very) limited box from Mrs Gloss & The Goss. These usually sell out in, oh, about five minutes so if you want one go fast! It’s all based around a pampering night in, so get Netflix revved up on your i-Pad, pour yourself a cheeky G&T and claim the evening as your own. Better still, it’s £24.99 with a content value of £109. P&P is £4.99. Products…

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Lash Out… Ella Flood – Beauty Is Boring

January 26, 2018 How much lash is too much? Last week Ella Flood stopped by the studio and we conducted some very scientific tests to determine this urgent question. By “scientific” I mean we listened to old tunes, ate snacks, talked blue hair dye (she does her own) and then tried on a variety of fake lashes. We settled on this top and bottom combo (both Ardell) paired with Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Palette in The Rock Chic. The smoky gray…

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Well Hello! – Maskcara

After 6 years of blogging this has been my longest time away EVER! So far 2017 has been one of the most wonderful and crazily busy years of my life. After releasing our artist program, moving and just living the life that 2 toddlers, a 6 year old and a teenager involves I had to take a little break…which turned into a very long break! When I first started this blog it was strictly for makeup & beauty and as the…

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New Year, New Wardrobe – Taking the Best Care of My New Threads

New Year, New Wardrobe – Taking the Best Care of My New Threads January 3, 2018 I partnered with Downy on this post! 12 months of a whole lot has just passed us by. There’s a LOT I want to move on from, so part of my annual new year’s ritual is to CLEAN AND PURGE. That means no dishes in the sink or dishwasher, no trash in the trashcans, fresh new sheets on the bed and I also…

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Sunday Tittle Tattle: Honey, I Shrunk The Best Jumper of 2017

There were almost fireworks this morning when I opened the tumble dryer door to find my favourite jumper shrunk to about a third of its usual size. “You’d still get into that!” said Mr AMR, completely missing the point, which was that he had (as usual) chucked all of the wet washing straight into the dryer without checking what might be in there. Now look, I’m not going to diss Mr AMR’s domestic skills because he would have a laughing…

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When Four (Weeks Off) Become One

I had this crazy idea, about two weeks ago, that I would take some time off over Christmas. I’m talking proper time off – a month perhaps, or at least three weeks. Digital detox, with broadband hub disconnected, iPhone frozen in a block of ice and buried in the garden (to be defrosted mid-January), laptop shoved underneath the sofa, office door firmly shut and bolted. I was going to have the most Relaxing Christmas Ever, with endless cocktails and medicinal…

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My Favorite Things : Face Masks

There is nothing I love more than getting into pajamas, washing my face, and putting a face mask on. I love ending my day like this. I watch a show or finish up work stuff with my face mask on then rinse and put on my creams and serums. So today I am sharing some of my favorites that I have used in the past 6 or so months! Source link

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