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When Four (Weeks Off) Become One

I had this crazy idea, about two weeks ago, that I would take some time off over Christmas. I’m talking proper time off – a month perhaps, or at least three weeks. Digital detox, with broadband hub disconnected, iPhone frozen in a block of ice and buried in the garden (to be defrosted mid-January), laptop shoved underneath the sofa, office door firmly shut and bolted. I was going to have the most Relaxing Christmas Ever, with endless cocktails and medicinal…

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My Favorite Things : Face Masks

There is nothing I love more than getting into pajamas, washing my face, and putting a face mask on. I love ending my day like this. I watch a show or finish up work stuff with my face mask on then rinse and put on my creams and serums. So today I am sharing some of my favorites that I have used in the past 6 or so months! Source link

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Things I’ve Been Loving – Clumps of Mascara

Oh. Hey. I went on this Digital Detox thing. It was fantastic. I started Digital Detoxes in 2017 and they will forever be a regular part of my life. I often daydream of leaving the e-space completely, getting a tiny house and living off the grid. In this daydream, I live near the ocean, have a garden and orchard and while I don’t homeschool my kids (y’all know how I feel about that), the village I’ve created has a mother who…

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Comfy And Cosy For January

Photos by Amber Rose Turn on your JavaScript to view content I have to admit, I’ve had a serious case of the January blues and have only felt myself again in the last couple of days (hence there only being ONE photo on my instagram this year, which was when Jim felt the need to document me being grumpy). Yesterday was one of the first blue sky days we’ve had in London in a while and it made me so,…

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My Slimming Secret – The Chriselle Factor

I work out pretty consistently, I eat healthy and I take care of my body- but we can all use a little help from time to time! If you guys remember from this post here, your undergarments are just as important as your outer garments. That’s where my current #1 slimming secret comes in- shapewear! There’s a certain stigma associated with shape wear and about who should wear it, but I truly believe that everyone can benefit from it.  Shapewear is…

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Do You Need to Avoid Skincare in Jars?

What to consider before you buy. They look great on your countertop. And they feel so luxurious to scoop out.  But are products packaged in jars actually doing your skin any favours? If you’re into skincare, you might already be concerned about jars. And rightfully so. There are two potential problems with this type of packaging: Oxidation of the ingredients Bacterial contamination Let’s tackle oxidation first! How Jars Can Lead to Faster Oxidation This jar packaging could make your skincare…

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Real Beauty Addict Favorite Products: Beth

Today I’m sharing more favorite beauty products from a real person, my friend Beth, who happens to blog sometimes over at PopCrush. She has a great mix of higher end beauty products with drugstore finds! If you’d like to be featured, be sure to apply to my Real Beauty Addict Series! 1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in Medium Brown: I’ve tried others but keep coming back to my ride or die Brow pencil. I have really sparse brows and…

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My Kit Co Makeup Sharpener / British Beauty Blogger

My Kit Co Makeup Pencil Sharpener Every now and again beauty brands accidentally create genius products for those with limited mobility in their hands. Sharpeners are fiddly little b*ggers at the best of times never mind if your hands or fingers aren’t able to cope with finer motor activities. When I saw the My Kit Co Makeup Pencil Sharpener (£4.50) I thought what a waste of space – that’s something taking up space when it’s not necessary. BUT, as I took…

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How Soap and Cleansers Work

If you use nothing else on your skin, I know you do use a cleanser! There is a huge array of products out on the market, with many different price points, different additives and different formulations. Here I’ll be reviewing how soap and cleansers work to clean your skin. Pretty much all how soap and cleansers work this way, whether it is Dawn Dish Soap or a super expensive facial cleanser from Chanel. Quick, read the epidermis post if you…

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Three beauty things I avoid – Maskcara

If you’ve been following along here for very long you probably already know that I am not a big believer in beauty “rules”. I figure if you feel pretty that’s the goal and you’re reaching it. Rules need not apply. Buuuuut sometimes there are things that gain popularity that I think make life more complicated while also making me feel LESS pretty. So I’m calling a few of those out in this video! If you’ve got some of your own…

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