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L’Occitane Beauty Easter Eggs / British Beauty Blogger

L’Occitane Beauty Easter Eggs I was so pleased so have this arrive today for a multitude of reasons, not least because I had a big post written on the new language of beauty for older women and I deleted it by mistake! Argh.. so I have an entire afternoon’s work ahead of me replicating it. Something like this, the L’Occitane Beauty Easter Egg, is so quick and easy to talk about – I loved it on sight! Actually, it’s one of…

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Now Entering…The Loneliest Time of My Life

The first time I felt the loneliness I was freshly postpartum and sensitive from my mother having just left my home. She stayed with us for 2 weeks to help get us acclimated to life with a newborn.  It don’t (yes, girl..don’t) matter how independent you THINK you are. All new moms are putty. We are flopping fish who need nothing more than the attention, love, and support of others. This is when the “it takes a village” thing is crucial. …

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The Work-Life Balance: Does It Even Exist?

This post should be on my other website, strictly speaking; it’s much more concerned with family and personal life than it is with beauty or fashion or (new passion!) interiors. But these worlds necessarily cross over and I thought that a bit of a chat about work and life and balancing the two things might be interesting to you. If you don’t read my family blog, The Uphill, then you can read it here or subscribe to the posts via…

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Breathe : One Minute Yoga Routine

Breathe : One Minute Relaxation BY JESSICA HETHERINGTON I wish I had thirty minutes everyday where I could do my yoga practice or really, even just five minutes would be nice, but sometimes the day just gets away from me and that’s when I learned to promise myself that I at least owe myself one minute to breathe. Yes, I want you to to take a moment and focus on your breathing. A natural function of our body that we…

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Editor’s Picks: 7 of the Best Natural Body Scrubs

Because dry, scaly legs are never a good look. Exfoliating isn’t just for your face! Your body needs it, too, especially if you’re dealing with dryness, rough patches… or even scales (in Canada, it’s a thing). Unless you remove that surface dead skin, any moisturizer you put on top won’t be able to do its job properly. That’s where body scrubs come in. While I’m no fan of grainy things above the neck (I’m an acids girl for life), they’re perfect for…

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How do Shampoo and Conditioner Work?

How do shampoo and conditioner work? In many ways, shampoo is simply a body wash, with slight modifications to improve it’s performance for your hair. The same basic principles that applied to soap apply to shampoo. The basic cleanser in shampoo is the same surfactant that is used in soap. Lathering agents, thickeners and other additives to adjust pH and add moisture and fragrance are added, but the basic shampoo is very similar to a body wash. Amphoteric- can change…

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Chriselle x JOA – The Chriselle Factor

I feel so incredibly happy, overwhelmed and just over the moon with all of your amazing feedback and comments I received after releasing my first ever #ChrisellexJOA collection lookbook yesterday! Every text, comment, dm and phone call has made this launch that much sweeter. (If you haven’t seen it yet- what are you waiting for? Click here right now!) Remember! If you’re looking for something to spend that tax refund on, the day to shop the collection is this Thursday, March 15th! So mark…

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How do Retinoids Work in Skincare?

So, the big question is “why is everyone always so excited about retinoids?” How do retinoids work in skin care and are they really an ingredient everyone needs to incorporate into their skincare routine? There’s a good reason. They’re really considered the Gold Standard for a topical, anti-aging skincare product. In study after study, retinoids are the ingredients that have helped reverse fine lines, wrinkles, even out skin tone and they even help acne. They have the most evidence, and…

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Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash / British Beauty Blogger

      Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash If you’re a regular reader of BBB you’ll know this brand is a true favourite for its incredible therapeutic aromatherapy oils that are a joy every single time. When I sink into a Deep Relax bath, I’m in heaven and when I get out, I’m basically a better person.. relaxed and soothed. Although the oils have always suggested they’re good for the shower too I can’t get my head round a Deep Relax…

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Roses with Regina Yazdi – Beauty Is Boring

outtakes © 2012 – 2018 Beauty Is Boring LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Beauty is Boring, and knowledge is power. Sign up now for exclusive updates. No, Thank You. It’s official! We are giving away 10 Limited Edition boxes, each with 7 of Robin’s favorite full size Marc Jacobs products! The contest ends on October 17. No, Thank you. Source link

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