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The Scarlet Hotel: 2 Days Off Grid

Ah, two days Off Grid. And I know that I’m grossly misusing the term “off grid” here, but it sounds exciting and dramatic and you all know how I love a bit of over-dramatisation. What I mean to say, really, is 2 Days Away on Holiday, but online reviews of The Scarlet Hotel promised patchy WiFi and non-existent phone signal and so I proudly told people (about three of them – it was on a need-to-know basis) that Mr AMR and…

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What’s Wrong With Boots No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum?

Oh, I have some problems with this! Boots are in such a prime position to really change the way that ageing skin and older women are perceived and yet, far from leading from the front with a fresh and positive attitude, they’ve chosen to go circa 1980 in their negativity towards women. So, the new product (with a supposed 17K wait list and no proof offered of that) comes in an injectable shaped tube. That’s marketing at kindergarten level, designed…

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Chapped Lips: The 3 Best Lip Treatments That Actually Work

Is there any beauty product with a higher level of dissatisfaction than lip balm?  Probably not!  I’ve heard from dozens of readers complaining about their dry, chapped, even CRACKING lips—and how no lip balm ever seems to cure the problem. Here’s a recent email from my inbox: Any ideas for a great lip balm? My lips are always chapped! I do live in a dry area. I also seem to lick my lips, which I’m trying hard to stop. I…

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SPF is your BFF with Olay

The other day I was at the dermatologist and she said “SPF is your BFF” and I thought it was catchy and it has stuck in my brain. I grew up in Arizona basically lounging by the pool with zero sunscreen my whole life. I was trying to get as tan as I could and now my skin is definitely paying for that. BUT never too late to start caring about SPF and taking care of your skin! Source link

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How to Apply Your Skincare in the Right Order

We all spend a lot of money on our skincare, and unfortunately if you’re not using it correctly, you aren’t getting your money’s worth! If you apply your skincare in the right order you will get the most out of each ingredient as they’ll be able to penetrate the skin and really do their job! Today we’ll look at the factors determining what order to use your skincare products and how to do it correctly. Clean Skin First This is…

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5 Most Used Beauty Products: March 2018

Ah, another delve into the secret world of my echoey bathroom for the Five Most Used products of last month. I bet you’ve been waiting for this one, haven’t you? Who doesn’t want a video of me with crazy frizz-hair, filmed from the top of a wonky tripod, with one half of my face in shadow and the other in bright light? Production issues aside, I do hope that you like these “most used” vids – it’s just supposed to be a relatively…

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7 Tips for Writing Your Resume

Hey everyone! It’s Linette back on the blog today. Quick note before we jump into this topic – thanks to everyone who wrote such encouraging comments on my first post. I’m so glad you enjoyed and found the tips to be helpful. Excited to continue this series, so onto the next one! Shop the Blouse | Shop the Blazer | Shop the Book  Writing a resume can be daunting and stressful. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or refreshing the one you have – there…

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What to Buy At Sephora’s Spring Bonus Event

Are you a Sephora Insider yet? If you aren’t, now is the time to sign up. Why? Because they’re about to have their Spring Bonus event, and you’ll be able to get 10-15% off of your favorite (almost never) discounted beauty brands! VIB Rouge April 13–16: 15% offVIB and Beauty Insiders April 20–23: 15% off for VIB, 10% off for Beauty Insiders So, anyone can join to become a Beauty Insider for free. The VIB and then VIB Rouge levels…

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Kryolan Lip Stain | British Beauty Blogger

Kryolan Lip Stain We have a lot of make up ranges now that imply they’re for the ‘pro’ but adding that prefix doesn’t make the products any better or different. In most working make up artists’ kit you’ll find Kryolan, which really is ‘pro’. Created by Arnold Langer, a chemistry student, in the 1920’s, the brand has been supplying film, theatre and TV with make up for over 70 years. It’s easy to forget, with the instant gratification and glamour…

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Best Celebrity Makeup Looks: Glossy Berry Lips, White Eyeliner and More

Edgy, romantic, Mod or classically glam… there’s something for everyone in this edition of celeb beauty. As usual, I’ve collected the best makeup, skin and hair looks from the latest red carpet events. Think: Alicia Vikander’s berry lips and side-swept waves… Margot Robbie’s white eyeliner and straight lob… and Jennifer Lawrence’s smoky grey shadow and undone hair. Advertisement THANKS FOR WATCHING!VISIT WEBSITE Take a look! Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander at the 2018 premiere of ‘Tomb Raider.’ Close-up of Alicia Vikander at…

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