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All the Curling Wands You’ll Ever Need: HSI Groover Master Kit Review

Today for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our favorite hair products.  I have to admit that since I write a lot about hair products I felt like I had already covered this topic a lot lately. So I’ll be sharing my current go-to hair styling tool instead! See that black bag? Inside of that black bag is something very special. It’s the HSI Professional Groover Master Kit. This thing has a plug in base and then 10 (yes, ten) different attachments.…

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Mother’s Day Weekend

Since it is Mother’s Day I figured I would share some things I love most about being a mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all you hardworking and incredible moms out there! My friend Naomi shared this video and I thought I would pass it along since I thought it was really great, here is the link. Hope you get SPOILED! Source link

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My 5 Month Secret – The Chriselle Factor

I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with happiness as I announce my pregnancy today! First… completely excited and thrilled to share the news, but also completely relieved as I can finallllllllly share this secret that I’ve been keeping from you guys for months and really let that belly hang out! 😉 The day I found out I was pregnant I immediately wanted to call my friends and family and share the news with them, but I held back. As a lot of…

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5 Most Used Beauty Products: April 2018

Brain like a sieve… I filmed this video weeks ago and forgot to upload it; my five most-used beauty products for April 2018. A gorgeous healthy-glow foundation (see the full review here), possibly the world’s most expensive bronzer, an anti-wrinkle treatment that might just change your beauty life and a skin-quenching moisturiser that’s perfect for people who want mega-hydration but hate a greasy finish. All products I turned to again and again over the course of the month, which is…

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Six Causes of Summer Sadness

Yes, summer sadness is a thing. It’s not just you. It’s not quite the same as winter SAD but summer can set off a whole ocean of conflicted or unhappy feelings. I’m no expert other than knowing how it is to feel underwhelmed by summer sometimes and definitely a winter SAD sufferer, so please add in all your own tips that you feel might help in the comments section. Routine Disruption You’re just ticking along nicely, and along comes some…

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Oral Hygiene Upgrade – High-Tech Toothbrushes And Other Cool At-Home Dental Tools

Oral Hygiene Upgrade – High-Tech Toothbrushes And Other Cool At-Home Dental Tools May 11, 2018 To be honest, I took terrible care of my teeth for far too long. I didn’t floss, I didn’t brush with the proper care. I needed an oral hygiene upgrade but first, I had to burn to learn, as we say in Trinidad. I thought I was doing OK, but I was doing the bare minimum and it caught up to me, to the tune…

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7 Things All Working Moms Should Know

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s really making me reflect on the last three years I’ve been a mom and how each year was so different. I think becoming a mother has been the hardest but the most gratifying job I’ve ever had. I’m sure all mothers can relate when I say that that being a mother is the absolute hardest, but also the most rewarding job ever. Being the working mom that I am, it throws a…

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Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca Fragrance

Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca Fragrance How do you know that wedding season is around the corner? When perfumes get beyond pretty! Case in point right here with the new Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca Fragrance in one of the most beautiful bottles I’ve ever seen. The 3D floral embellishments are designed to imitate a couture gown … I get it! It’s gorgeous and I want the bag, the shoes and the matching throw, thanks. Oscar de la Renta…

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What’s is a Sleeping Lip Mask? Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review

I swear the moment that Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask was released, I started seeing it mentioned as a must have on beauty blogs, fashion blogs, even on travel lists! I recently splurged on this rose balm, and I admit to being completely obsessed. So, did I really need to try another intensive lip product? Is this lip mask really that great, and really, what is a lip mask anyways? It turns out that I did need this lip balm as…

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How to Prepare for an Interview

Hi Everyone! It’s Linette back on the blog today. If you’re currently preparing for an interview – first of all, congrats! Now that you’ve passed the first ‘test’ with your resume (hopefully the tips in one of my previous posts were helpful), here are some pointers to consider for your upcoming interview. 1. Research the Company Check out the company’s website, LinkedIn page, and any recent press articles. If you have any friends or people in your extended network that have worked at the…

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