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Fall Leaves in Vermont + A Life Update

One of our days in Vermont we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins to carve! Then we found a pretty spot off the side of the road where we carved our pumpkins. Atticus requested a batman pumpkin and Rosie wanted a dolphin! It sure makes me feel proud how much that girl loves dolphins 😉 I would talk more about Vermont but I feel like I already have in the other Vermont posts so I will give…

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CFDA Awards 2018 Red Carpet: Best Skin, Hair and Makeup Looks

Every year, the Council of Fashion Designers of America honours the best and brightest in design at the CFDA Fashion Awards. And the guest list always includes a bevy of A-list models and celebrities! If you’re into creative makeup and natural skin, you’ll love the looks below from the 2018 event, held earlier this week. Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards. Close-up of Gigi Hadid at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards. Thanks for watching!Visit Website What I…

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Colette’s Nursery Reveal – The Chriselle Factor

As you guys know, for the past couple of months my house has been under MAJOR renovation! I still have yet to do a full reveal (check out the progress photos here) but I really wanted to highlight one very special room… baby Colette’s nursery! We partnered up with Serena & Lily to create this magical, whimsical and cozy room for her. This was originally Chloe’s old room but don’t worry about Chloe. She definitely got an upgrade! I wanted…

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Kenzo World Eye Palette | British Beauty Blogger

Kenzo World Eye Palette I thought the days of these unexpected palettes were gone! I’m obviously very happy to see this Kenzo World Palette, an addition to the Kenzo World fragrance that launched this year (or was it last year – it had one of the best fragrance bottles I’ve ever seen). The palette is designed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, Kenzo creative directors. Kenzo World Eye Palette The palette has plenty of attention to detail – it’s cardboard…

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Why Didn’t They Have Osmo When I Was A Kid?

My friends laugh at me because my kids don’t have a lot of toys.  We don’t have a playroom in our home and I am quick to tell people who want to gift my kids to NOT buy any toys.  There are several reasons for this but the main reason why I just CAN’T with the overconsumption of toys. Simply put…who has time to pick all of that up? Not me!  I hear so many horror stories from my Mom…

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Jessica Alba Skincare Routine: The Exact Products She Uses

“I break out a lot,” admits Jessica Alba—not that you’d EVER be able to tell.  The 37-year-old actress and Honest Company founder is known for her permanently flawless, dewy, spot-free skin, but in fact, she has struggled over the years with acne, dryness and sensitivity. “The acne I experience is usually related to hormones, or triggered by nutritional choices or lack of sleep, ” Jessica revealed to Well+Good. In an attempt to clear it, she has “tried it all—from toothpaste to cortisone…

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How to Style Your Favorite Summer Pieces for Fall

Hi everyone! It’s Hannah back on the blog today! Here’s the deal, if I had it my way I’d buy an entirely new wardrobe every single season. Since I’m not made of money, and I’m sure you guys aren’t either… I’ve been trying to stretch as much of my summer wardrobe into fall. Keep scrolling to discover how I style my favorite summer pieces for fall! The Piece: PJ Trousers I bought these PJ inspired pants a few months back…

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Friday Treat: Boody Active Wear

Boody Active Wear It’s so many years since I’ve done any formal exercise that I have no proper kit for the new class I’ve just started attending. I walk my dog every day and am always buzzing about so I didn’t really feel the need to do anything else until I realised how poor my upper body strength is. All of a sudden, I started to feel that my arm muscles were quite weak so I started a local stretch…

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Minimalist Skincare Routine: Tips, Best Products, Examples

Maybe it’s the constant stream of new product launches. The ever-changing “shelfies” all over Instagram. Or the temptation to try every active ingredient put out by The Ordinary because hey, it’s only $6. It just feels like our skincare routines might be getting a little too complex! Dr. Justine Hextall is one dermatologist who agrees. “Fifty percent of people I see in my clinic have too complicated a regimen that is actually damaging the skin barrier and unbalancing the natural…

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Autumn, Dry Skin and the Aveeno Dermexa range | AD

After the best summer in living memory (for me, at least; those older have enjoyed banging on about the summer of ’76 which was, of course, hotter, longer and tougher) we find ourselves hurtling into autumn. The leaves are starting to fall, the nights are drawing in and we’re all desperately trying to not talk about Christmas before the time when it’s acceptable to talk about Christmas. But can I just say (and this is not a Christmas post, I’d like to…

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