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My Favorite Things : Children’s Clothing Websites

Today for our Favorite Things series I wanted to share my favorite places to shop for kids clothes! I do have a lot of favorites so I tried to narrow it down to the ones I frequent most. I try to get most of their clothes on the cheaper side (thank you Zara!) but I do like to splurge on certain pieces if they are unique and I feel that I will have babies #3 and #4 wear them. I…

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How to Achieve the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Hey fam! Hope you’ve been well! Jane here again! Thank you SO much for all of your comments and honest feedback on my last post, Comfort is a Privilege. I was (and still am) so overwhelmed with feelings since that piece went live and am so so sooooooo happy you enjoyed it.  It really meant a lot to me and I’ve read every single comment that you’ve shared with me so thank you. Today, we’re here to talk about getting…

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Red Carpet Glam… Elliot Sailors

May 10, 2018 It’s been several years since I actually did a celebrity for the red carpet (I no longer freelance for makeup) but seeing all the beauty looks at this years Cannes Film Festival inspired me. Luckily, Elliot Sailors happened to be in town this week and was kind enough to make time in their busy schedule to play makeup with me! The result was a modern take on a glamorous red carpet classic – bronzed eyelids and scarlet…

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Bikini Horrors and The Miraclesuit

Before I went on holiday (yes, the holiday post is coming up, I’m still recovering from the night-flight-with-toddler-and-baby) I bought a load of bikinis and swimming costumes from Figleaves so that I could try them on in the relative comfort of my own home. I say relative comfort, but the fact is I’d have been more comfortable trying on swimwear standing on the central reservation of the M4, because I had a constant running commentary from Angelica (aged 2) about the parts…

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Kat Von D Brow Struck

Kat Von D Brow Struck Wow! Aside from hair, brows are my least interesting thing to write about and in fact, I rarely do – I just can’t muster any excitement whatsoever! But I’ve been testing the Kat Von D Brow Struck Powder and that amazing, amazing brush and together, they’re a revelation. I like the Benefit Brow Powder (HERE) and that’s what I use if I use anything at all, but the texture, smoothness and application of Brow Struck…

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Black Panther DVD +My Solo Watch Party

Hello, friends. Yes, I’m still living in Wakanda.  Yes, I enjoy it here and have no desire in leaving. Wakanda isn’t just a fictional place, y’all. It is mindset and I am still on a high from all things Black Panther when I got to show up at World Premiere. I feel bad for my grandkids. They won’t ever stop hearing about it.  Kids: What’s for dinner? Me: Babies, did I ever tell y’all about the time I saw the Black Panther…

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6 Hairstyles I Love for Spring

Okay soo I am pretty sure it is still spring.. except it feels like summer in Arizona so in my mind we are mid summer ha! Anyways I wanted to share some hairstyles from old blog posts that I love and that would be so cute for spring and summer! I am suuuuper into short hair right now but also love long hair – I go back and forth which one I want that day! Which is why its nice…

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The Non-Surgical Eye Lift | A Model Recommends

OK, you have to bear with me here, because the revelation that follows is so unbelievably obvious I’m almost embarrassed to post about it. What we have here isn’t some new-fangled eye cream ingredient or a fancy, muscle-toning massage move. It’s not an optical illusion-creating makeup trick or an expert-endorsed skincare regime and it’s not anything that requires knives, needles, rollers with needles, patches with needles or lasers that feel like needles. Or knives. It’s mascara. Stay with me people…

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How to Maximize Your Shower (in 7 Minutes or Less)

This one goes out to all the hard-working, busy, no-time-to-really-shower kind of women out there because we can all come together to agree on one universal thing… not having enough time to take as many showers as we would like. How many times have we gone an extra day or two skipping a shower because the day got ahead of us or got too busy? Side note: I want to give a special shout-out to whoever created dry shampoo in advance! My…

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Bourjois Satin & Metal Edition 24H Eyeshadows

Bourjois Satin & Metal 24H Eyeshadows These beauties have already launched into Superdrug, BUT I think that Superdrug have used the French names rather than the UK names because I’ve been in all kinds of confusion for about an hour. I will try and translate across as we go. So, to the actual product. If you like a liquid eye shadow, these are beautifully pigmented and blend nicely enough. However, there’s quite a lot of alcohol in them (I got…

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