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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer

[ad_1] Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer If this forthcoming product doesn’t become CT’s best-seller, I’ll be amazed. I went to the product launch yesterday, so applied it there and it was still in situ in the evening when I took my make up off. The big sell that the brand is pushing on this product is that it contains Persian Silk Tree Extract to give it stretch. That particular ingredient is more commonly used to treat skin glycation (excellent…

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Fourth of July Recap – Amber Fillerup

[ad_1] How was your Fourth of July!!! We pretty much do the same thing every year – we are always in Utah with David’s fam and we hang at my brother in laws for fireworks and swimming/playing. We also went to Vivian Park up the canyon this time and had a picnic and let the kids play in the river. I wore this rugby polo from J. Crew which is on sale! I am tempted to get it in more…

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Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My Picks

[ad_1] Every summer the internet goes crazy for the Nordstrom sale, but it can be huge and overwhelming! The sale is open this morning for card holders early access, the full sale opens on the 20th. Note a lot of the best items really will sell out in the presale, and even in the first day or two! If your favorite items sell out check back, sometimes they will come back in stock. Each year I do spend quite a…

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Delilah Take Cover Concealer | British Beauty Blogger

[ad_1] Delilah Take Cover Concealer Another of the most asked questions that comes to me is which concealer is best. I’ve kissed a lot of frogs in this regard and very rarely find a prince, but I might even promote this one to king. If you have older skin and creasing under and around the eyes, concealers can very often make things worse by emphasizing all the things you wanted to cover up in the first place. Concealers contain water…

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Heatwave Dresses and the Georgian Fridge

[ad_1] I interrupt what was going to be a stream of beauty and skincare posts (I’ve been testing affordable sunscreens, watch this space) to talk about the current heatwave. Also the scarcity of heatwave-appropriate dresses and – perhaps most importantly – the fact that my house is basically a Georgian refrigerator. I feel as though I need to document this heatwave somehow; more than two weeks of constant hot weather is an incredibly significant event to someone who lives in…

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Sensai Silky Bronze Stick SPF30

[ad_1] Sensai Silky Bronze Stick SPF30 Despite using high SPF while I’ve been away, I do pick up a tan no matter what. I’m always trying to juggle appropriate SPF with getting Vitamin D which is so vital to bone health and other functions in the body. Usually, when I walk Honey in the park each morning (early) I won’t wear an SPF other than on my face, neck and hands so I get at least a half an hour…

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What’s In My Makeup Bag: Summer 2018

[ad_1] The title of this video should really be What’s In My Makeup Bags, plural, not Bag, singular, because – at last count – I have four different versions on the go. The first one (my special edition Swag Bag with Scamp & Dude – all profits go to my chosen charity, the Genesis Research Trust) is in the bathroom and contains four newish foundation launches, eight mascaras that haven’t made the grade and about ten or eleven bronzers. (The Swag Bags…

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A Classic Retro Outfit & Dreamy Summertime in Utah

[ad_1] Well here I am watching bachelorette and doing my blog post! Pretty sure this is becoming a tradition. Also I am sorry I have really gotten off track with my series that I started at the beginning of the year! I am hoping to pick back up after summer 🙂 But now back to bachelorette – it is bugging me soo bad that they are making such a big deal of colton being a virgin?! like whyyyyy does that…

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Celebrity Makeup Looks: Faux Freckles, Graphic Eyeshadow and More

[ad_1] What’s happening in celeb beauty lately? Lots of great looks from Couture Week and the resort collection presentations in Paris, plus the usual movie premieres, launches and parties. Right now, I’m loving freckles—the faux kind, because we don’t want sun damage!—along with dramatic eyeshadow, casual hair and glowing skin. (Well, when do I NOT love glowing skin? That part is always in!) Thanks for watching!Visit Website From Penélope Cruz to Ellie Bamber, Ana de Armas and more, here’s the…

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Les Eaux de Chanel 2

[ad_1] Les Eaux de Chanel I wrote about Biarritz last week, one of three new fragrance waters from Chanel, inspired by places important to Gabrielle Chanel. They’re in the vein of colognes but definitely have the thread of Chanel running through them –  you would, if you’re familiar with Chanel fragrances, immediately know what fragrance family they live in. Les Eaux de Chanel Deauville is so orangey – it’s the predominant note in a crisp and fresh form boosted by…

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