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Margot Robbie Skincare Routine: The Exact Products She Uses

When she’s having her picture taken, Margot Robbie isn’t concerned about breakouts. “I don’t even worry anymore,” the 28-year-old Wolf of Wall Street star told Elle UK. “With Photoshop these days, if I wake up with a massive pimple… they’re gonna airbrush it out, it doesn’t matter.” Filming is a different story, but cutting out one food group always helps her skin to get clear, along with visits to her go-to dermatologist and facialist.  Thanks for watching!Visit Website Besides the occasional…

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#IndieBrandLove — Gwen Jimmere of Naturalicious on Success, Sally Beauty and More!

One of the coolest things about being an OG in the natural hair and beauty space, is that I’ve had the opportunity to truly watch the space evolve. I’ve seen brands come and go, expand and shrink. I love watching the movers and shakers who approach this industry wisely.  There are so many aspiring entrepreneurs who find themselves struggling in this rapidly shifting marketplace. One entrepreneur who makes savvy moves is Gwen Jimmere of Naturalicious Beauty, and her wisdom, grit…

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Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush, Take 2… Chloe Blanchard

This is the second image from a Chanel look I did back in the spring with Chloe. I’ve received so much feedback asking to see the front view of the makeup, the original image was a profile shot, that I decided to post this shot. Here is the original text and links: Anytime a product comes out that claims to be both lip and cheek color in one, I feel compelled to try it. Perhaps it’s because in the 80’s I would watch…

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The Skin Perfecting Liquid You Need On Your Shelf

(links marked * are affiliate links, for more info see disclaimer below post) It’s taken me four years to get around to writing this post. I often think that it’s the products you use the most – the unglamorous workhorses – that never get enough attention, but I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t give this one its own post. Because the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid is definitely a hard-worker and it’s a multi-tasker to boot; whether…

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My Favorite Pink Sweaters for Fall

You know how I love shopping on Amazon. I recently published a post on my 10 favorite amazon purchases, it covers a bunch of random products I have bought on Amazon, including a  5 lb bag of watermelon sours on Amazon ha ha! You can read that post here. Today I am talking about all of my favorite Amazon beauty buys. Do you have a favorite beauty item you purchase off Amazon? Source link

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Autumn Fashion: The Pretty Silk Shirt

(links marked * are affiliate links, for more info see disclaimer below post) Here’s a pretty little autumn wardrobe update for you; a gorgeous silk shirt that’s cool enough to be worn now, at the tail end of the summer, but robust enough for layering underneath chunky cardigans and jumpers when the weather starts to get chilly. Some silk shirts can’t survive a layering mission – they’re just too flimsy and delicate and altogether too much of a faff –…

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Friday Treat: Chinti & Parker Hello Kitty Cashmere Sweater

Chinti & Parker Hello Kitty Cashmere Sweater The Chinti & Parker collaboration with Hello Kitty is a delight – brimming with fun and colour. I picked up this pocket sweater in Selfridges after I was at the By Terry Palette Factory – I’m telling you, any meetings in Selfridges are laced with financial danger because I had absolutely no plans to shop. Chinti & Parker Hello Kitty Cashmere Sweater I think it was the pocket that made it irresistible. I…

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Guess what I can do? I can make your LinkedIn profile pretty!

I have a hidden passion, friends. Well, I suppose it won’t be so hidden after this post goes live. Very few people know about this and I don’t go around telling the world that I do this. But after a few people started inquiring, I figured I’d write a post and share some details on this hidden passion in case you want to work with me. You ready? I can make your LinkedIn profile prettier.  Yes, I’m serious. No matter what…

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Sunday Tittle Tattle: The Near-Death Walking Experience

(links marked * are affiliate links, for more info see disclaimer below post) Something happened on our family trip to Cornwall, back in May: I almost died. Now some people will say I’m being melodramatic about things and that I wasn’t anywhere close to death and that also I shouldn’t make light of death, or near-death, and to those people I say this: try climbing up the world’s steepest hill with over thirty pounds of wriggling child hanging around your…

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Black Girl Sunscreen – Discover My New Favorite SPF and Interview with Founder Shontay Lundy

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a daily sunscreen user until my mid twenties. I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and then went to college in Miami so trust me, I got plenty of regular sun exposure. But like many of us people of the sun, I thought of sunscreen as a heavy paste that I didn’t really need because of my melanin. I assumed sunscreen application was only required for the beach or outdoor sports – slathered on to…

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