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Dior Holiday 2018 Rouge Dior Mini 4-Piece Set Review & Swatches

Reviews Oct 30, 2018October 30, 2018 Holiday 2018 Dior Holiday 2018 Rouge Dior Mini 4-Piece Set ($50.00 for 0.20 oz.) is a limited edition, sold out mini set that was exclusive to Sephora. The upside for yours truly is that the shades included are part of the permanent range so not all is lost, at least in terms of swatches and testing. The formula is better than it appears in the ratings because this formula comes with an overzealous wear-time…

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Body Oil vs. Body Lotion

There are a couple of things that are just understood when it comes to a beauty routine. I’m not even talking about skincare or makeup either. Things like, for example, brushing your teeth, giving your feet and your nails some love… even the *intimate* products no one talks about. If you’re like me, one of the first things I do when I hop out of the shower is: moisturize. I usually slather on some body lotion and call it a day… but sometimes I feel…

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Things You Didn’t Know You Needed: Edition 1

Not that I’m becoming an expert on earplugs or anything (I am) but I have discovered some foam ones with quite a useful feature. The official, technical term for this feature is “slow rebound” but to you and I, it’s “foam that takes a while to bounce back”. I realise how niche this post is and I do apologise, but slow rebound earplugs are possibly something you’ll require at some point in your life. Imagine this: you decide to make…

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Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops

Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops If you like some lid sparkle you’re absolutely going to love these. There are two Palettes of Pops .. oh wait, how do you pluralize that?! Palettes of Pop, maybe? One is Supersonic Girl (above) and the other is Starlight (coming right up). Supersonic Girl is quite similar to a lot of other colour-ways on the market at the moment but there is a difference in texture to most. Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops I…

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Seriously? Why Can’t My Kid Want To Be a Princess?

FTC Disclosure: We received press tickets to attend this event.  In the latest Mom Wars saga, I’ve been noticing a lot of shaming of little kids (mostly girls) for wanting to dress like princesses for Halloween. That instead of allowing our kids to dress up in frilly dresses, we should encourage them to dress up as doctors, scientists, engineers and chefs. Seriously? Is that real life? Yep, apparently, it is. Now as a Mom who has always gone against the…

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Member Exclusive: How to Choose a Sunscreen (Checklist)

This resource helps you choose a safe, effective sunscreen that will protect you from sunburn as well as premature skin aging. Too many sunscreens on the market give inadequate protection—and may even harm your health! With this checklist, you’ll be able to confidently read a sunscreen’s label, calculate its true SPF, and identify beneficial and harmful ingredients. Note: This is a global guide, with options for all regions of the world! >> Click to download Last updated: October 2018 Thanks for watching!Visit…

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Friday Treat: Cos Cardi | British Beauty Blogger

Friday Treat: Cos Cardi Being a cardigan hater, particularly short ones, a cardi has to be pretty special for me to be persuaded. I bought this forest green, oversized version from Cos a few weeks ago and it didn’t actually appear on-line for me to show you until this week. What’s perfect about this is the over-size, so it’s got the same comfort appeal as a big, cosy sweater that you can just shove over anything to warm up. Underneath,…

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The Best Halloweekend Drink – The Chriselle Factor

Hey everyone! It’s Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest. I’m back again today to share yet another recipe that’s perfect for autumn. Earlier this week I shared one of my favorite healthy instant pot soup recipes (have you made it yet, it’s the best). Today I’m sharing a fun cocktail that’s so easy, and perfectly warming for the fall and winter nights ahead. If there’s one thing I really love during this time of year, it’s a seasonal inspired drink. With…

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5 Ways Panic Attacks Changed My Life, for the Better

Ooooh Lord, y’all. Writing about my panic attacks makes me weepy. I’ve always been okay with being vulnerable but when it comes to discussing something so incredibly raw and fresh, well…it’s hard. But here I am. I’m not sure if you remember but around Spring of 2018, I talked about experiencing panic attacks for the very first time. Okay, maybe not the first time. When I look back at it, I’ve had mini ones before. However, the ones that jolted…

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The Perfume Shop Pop Up in Covent Garden #AD

The Perfume Shop Pop Up in Covent Garden A quick last minute post as I’ve just come back from the Perfume Shop’s Pop Up in Great Newport Street in Covent Garden where I was doing an Instagram Live. They’re far more terrifying than Facebook Live let me tell you – (if you want to watch it, go HERE but it’s only available for 24 hours) and I ended up knocking over some mini-fragrances – there is nothing you can do!…

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