Spring is the perfect time to experiment with colorful makeup looks. Aveda’s Artistic Director, Janell Geason, demonstrates techniques to brighten eyes with the pastel light of dawn. Follow these steps for a dramatic springtime style.

First, brush Amethyst Dawn onto your eyelids. Start at the lashline and fade upwards, slightly past the crease. Highlight the inner eye corners with Lilac Glow. Sweep Violet Blossom along the bottom lash line and soften the color with Amethyst Dawn. Contour the creases and outer bottom corners with Sea Foam. Highlight the brown bones with Lilac Glow. Finish off your eyes with by curling your lashes and applying Black Forest Mosscara.

With the eye look complete, lightly brush Terrerae blush along the cheekbones. Press Sheer Clove lip color onto the center of the lips and diffuse toward edges. For a layered look, follow it up by dabbing Rose Dusk onto the center of the lips and diffusing outward once more.

Find everything you need to create this striking and colorful spring makeup look by clicking the link above.


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