Well here I am watching bachelorette and doing my blog post! Pretty sure this is becoming a tradition. Also I am sorry I have really gotten off track with my series that I started at the beginning of the year! I am hoping to pick back up after summer 🙂 But now back to bachelorette – it is bugging me soo bad that they are making such a big deal of colton being a virgin?! like whyyyyy does that have to be portrayed as such a bad thing and need to be announced at all? I find it so annoying! That is all. Who are you guys into?

We took these pics up Sundance canyon in Utah – I love summertime in Utah and love getting to go up there to hang with family each summer. I can’t believe we used to live with those mountains as our backdrop ahh they always take my breath away every time we go visit.

Hope you guys are having a good week! Sharing some Tahiti pics, Fourth of July, and camping pics this week so stay tuned!! xoxoxoxo

What I Wore:
Midi Skirt | Mint Messenger Bag | Olive Green Tank Top


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